Aava Mobile and Ingenico announce contactless payment tablet

Aava Mobile and Ingenico have recently announced the launch of a fully integrated tablet with contactless payment. The new 5-inch tablet, designed specifically for retail, combines point of sale management features with contactless payment capability.

5 inches may be small for a tablet, but Aava’s rugged hardware combined with Intel’s x86 Baytrail embedded chip means the device packs a punch. Capable of running powerful applications, the device has also been designed to withstand the day to day wear and tear of the retail environment. Featuring harder plastic and gorilla glass, the tablet can brush off drops and scrapes with ease.

The release of the contactless payment tablet has come at a good time considering the recent changes to payment methods in the US. The move from magnetic swipe to EMV (or ‘chip-and-PIN’) in October this year involves a shift in liability; retailers who do not accept EMV payments will now be responsible for the consumer’s cost if anything goes wrong. With many retailers still yet to move over to chip-and-PIN, the contactless payment tablet is an up-to-date and suitable POS replacement.

Many retailers will also be pleased to hear that the choice of operating systems on which to run the tablet includes Windows 10 IoT Enterprise – perfect for anyone with a Windows infrastructure already in place. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise also benefits from a range of security and lockdown features. This, combined with Intel’s encryption technology, results in a device capable of secure payments on the go.

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