Build 14267 – the updates

On the 18th of February, Microsoft released Build 14267 to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring.

Here are a bunch of handy new features that you can expect from the build.

Music search in Cortana

Figuring out what song is playing has become that little bit easier thanks to a new music search icon.
Cortana can now listen to and search for the song that’s currently playing, making that catchy tune just one click away.

Music search in Cortana

Clutter-free favourites bar

If your favourites bar is always crammed full, it’s time to rejoice.
In Microsoft Edge you can now right-click the favourites bar to set up folders. You can also choose to hide the site names in favour of a cleaner icon-only view, giving you loads of extra space for the sites you’re always surfing.

Clutter-free favourites bar

Downloads saved exactly where you want them

Constantly plagued by a disorganised downloads folder?
Microsoft Edge now has a simple fix for infinitely more-organised files. In the Microsoft Edge settings pane (three dots, top right of the page) you can configure your download settings to prompt you when you start a download. The prompt allows you to choose where to save the file. Now you don’t have to scroll past a bunch of cat pictures before you find that work document…

Auto-clear your browsing data

Does exactly what it says on the tin.
Microsoft Edge settings > Choose what to clear > Always clear this after I close the browser

Messaging + Skype improvements

You can now attach photos to your Skype messages by clicking or tapping on the paperclip icon at the lower left as you’re composing a new Skype message to a contact.
Additionally, you can also invoke the Camera app to take a photo to attach to your Skype message too or send along your location.

For more information on Build 14267, including bug fixes and known issues, visit the Windows Blog.

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