CAN Telematics is empowering businesses with real-time field equipment data

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When it comes to companies in manufacturing, transportation, resources and exploration, equipment is arguably amongst the most valuable of their commodities. Companies like these rely heavily on their equipment, and it represents a relatively sizable investment.

Managing and tracking this equipment is an important, necessary task, but it can cause some logistical challenges.

This is where telematics comes in.

Telematics is the use of GPS, connectivity and embedded software to bring information back from the equipment itself.

In recent years, the Internet of Things has had a big impact on the field of telematics. The connectivity between devices means that telematics can now provide more business intelligence and insight than ever before.

CAN Telematics, a Canadian firm founded in 2010, is a leader in the field and is helping companies to both manage and obtain useful information from equipment in the field.

Some examples of those who are taking advantage of CAN Telematics technologies include an oil and gas exploration company in Mozambique, a Canadian forestry giant and a global leader in gas detectors. What makes CAN Telematics so popular is its Trackopolis solution which uses satellite technology to deliver actionable information from equipment in just about any condition or location.

CAN Telematics technologies have been built from the start on .NET. Today the open approach offered by the Microsoft platform gives them the ability to connect and interface with just about any device or software application.

Since their solutions go well beyond simple connectivity to provide a customized experience that delivers analytics for industry intelligence, CAN Telematics must also be able to harness enormous stores of data. To facilitate this, they’ve turned to Microsoft Azure IoT technology, which gives them global reach, the ability to scale as needed without a huge investment in hardware, and the reliability to increase their customer service-level agreements beyond industry standard.

More information on CAN Telematics’ approach to IoT is available here.

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