Goodbye till, hello technology

How POS is changing, and so are consumer expectations

The way we shop has already undergone a large number of changes in recent years, and it’s not slowing down. POS terminals are making waves in the retail sector, and having an out-of-date system can hold back a business.

Thanks to the convenience of online shopping, and the growing number of personal devices, customers these days often have higher expectations when they do decide to opt for the in-store experience. For example, customers that are used to completing their shopping in a few simple clicks maybe find that the simple act of standing in a queue for too long can verge on being unbearable. Consumers these days generally agree that being forced to queue for more than 10 minutes is enough to make them put back purchases and leave the store. Not good.

In today’s competitive market, businesses can’t afford to let too many customers slip through their fingers. This is where a modern POS system can really make a difference.

The global POS terminals market in the retail sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.37% in terms of revenue between 2015-2019. That makes sense when you consider all the things a modern POS can offer. More streamlined in-store operations, improved customer service, better staff productivity, reduced administrative costs, access to useful consumer data and increased customer engagement are just a few of the real benefits retailers can expect from updating their POS system.

Giving customers a great retail experience is the ticket to getting them to return to the store time and time again, and retailers that can’t offer this are being left behind. In that respect, an out of date POS is not just inefficient – it’s a total disadvantage.

An example of POS done right is the Cielo Move MCX-300 from Box Technologies. Offering secure docking, charging, a 360° swivel mechanism and a biometric fingerprint module, the Cielo Move also provides connectivity for existing peripherals – perfect for US retailers who missed the October 1st EMV deadline and are looking to go mobile with minimised costs. The Cielo Mobile Tablet runs Windows 8.1 Embedded and is Windows 10 compatible, letting retailers use their existing windows software for an easy fix.

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