IoT Device News

Newsletter December - 2015



Round-up with the latest IoT news
  • Security tips for the Internet of Things.
    A collection of quick and easy security tips for your next IoT solution Read More
  • IoT will change the face of farming forever.
    How has IoT made dairy cows happier and salad leaves smarter? Read More
  • Could organic photovoltaics change the Internet of Things?
    Tiny solar panels could revolutionise the way we power our IoT devices Read More


Events and activities
  • Aava Mobile and Ingenico announce contactless payment tablet.
    Aava and Ingenico have partnered to create a retail-specific tablet capable of contactless payments Read More
  • What you need to know about the U.S chip-and-PIN shift. October this year saw a payment liability shift in the U.S. Find out how it affects the world of IoT Read More
  • Become a digital business, starting with Your Things.
    Ten reasons your business needs a strategy to capitalize on the Internet of Things today Read More


Be informed
  • Find out the latest on Windows 10 IoT Core.
    Some handy information to help you get to grips with Windows 10 IoT Core Read More
  • Windows 10 has some new updates.
    An overview of the latest features and improvements in Windows 10 Read More
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.
    A complete overview of the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition Read More
  • Windows 10 IoT Platform.
    The Windows 10 IoT platform: features at-a-glance, and a comparison between versions Read More
  • Managing Windows 10 IoT Devices.
    Digital transformation improves efficiency, enables innovation, and transforms your business Read More