Technical Preview of Azure Stack announced

Find out about the next phase of Microsoft’s hybrid cloud strategy

Microsoft is delivering the next phase of the hybrid cloud strategy with the first preview of Microsoft Azure Stack. Born from Azure, Azure Stack helps organizations deliver Azure services from their own datacenter.

When it comes to the cloud, Microsoft suggests approaching it as a hybrid model which cuts across infrastructure, applications and people. This hybrid cloud approach provides consistency across private, hosted and public clouds.

Azure Stack is the only hybrid cloud platform that’s consistent with a leading public cloud. To meet customers’ business requirements, Azure Stack brings IaaS and higher level PaaS services from hyper-scale datacentres to on-premises, enterprise scale environments.

Like Azure, Azure Stack is a comprehensive platform for hosting modern business applications. It has the same standardised architecture as Azure (including the same portal), as well as a unified application model and common DevOps tools.

Based on Azure Resource Manager, the application model enables developers to take the same declarative approach to applications running on Azure or Azure Stack. To enable the same end user experience in Azure and Azure Stack, developers can use Visual Studio, PowerShell, and other open-source DevOps tools.

Application developers can maximize their productivity using a ‘write once, deploy to Azure or Azure Stack’ approach.  Using APIs that are identical to Microsoft Azure, they can create applications based on open source or .NET technology that can easily run on-premises or in the public cloud. They can also leverage the rich Azure ecosystem to jumpstart their Azure Stack development efforts.

IT professionals can transform on-premises datacenter resources into Azure IaaS/PaaS services while maintaining oversight using the same management and automation tools that Microsoft uses to operate Azure. This approach to cloud enables IT professionals to have a valuable seat at the table – they are empowered to deliver services to the business quickly, while continuing to steward corporate governance needs.

Organisations can embrace hybrid cloud computing on their terms by helping them address business and technical considerations like regulation, data sovereignty, customization and latency. Azure Stack enables that by giving businesses the freedom to decide where applications and workloads reside without being constrained by technology

For more information on the Technical Preview of Azure Stack, be sure to read the Microsoft Azure Blog.

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