Welcome to the Open Connectivity Foundation

Things are better when we work together

The 19th of February this year was an exciting day for collaboration, as it was the day Microsoft joined with other industry leaders to create the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). Created with founding members including Cisco, Electrolux, General Electric, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, and others, the OCF is the world’s largest open IoT standard group.

With the intention of accelerating industry innovation for customers around the globe, the OCF will create a set of open specifications and protocols to let more devices work together. Regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset or transport, devices adhering to the OCF specifications will securely and seamlessly interact with one another.

IoT has huge potential to enrich business and lives, but competition between various open standards and closed company protocols can sometimes put a halt to the innovation. By creating an open standard with an agreed upon set of protocols, Microsoft hopes the OCF will help to consolidate industry attention.

For developers, Windows 10 will soon include APIs for easy integration with OCF compatible devices. Windows 10 devices will also natively operate with the new OCF standard. The OCF standards will be fully compatible with the 200 million “designed for AllSeen” Windows 10 devices.
And this means coordinating multiple devices will be easier than ever.

For further information, check out the blog post from Terry Myerson – Executive Vice President of the Windows and Devices Group.

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