Windows 10 has some new updates

November 12th this year saw the first major Windows 10 Update release. Available for PCs and tablets, the latest version of Windows 10 is better than ever.

Below is an overview of our favourite new features and improvements.

1. More speed
Performance speeds are on the rise, and Windows 10 is now almost 30% faster than Windows 7 when tested on the same device.

2. Remember better
Cortana has undergone some improvements and is now able to recognise your pen scribbles in the Cortana Notebook. If you note down a phone number, address or email address, Cortana will recognise this and help with the reminders.

3. Book an Uber
Cortana is even smarter, and will send you reminders for your events and movie bookings. Not sure how to get there on time? No worries - Cortana will give you the option to book and track an Uber taxi so you can worry less about being late.

4. Edge improvements
Microsoft Edge is now sleeker, faster and more secure. You can preview tabs without leaving the page you’re on, and Edge will sync all your Favourites and Reading Lists across all your devices.

5. Windows for the workplace
Windows Update for Business now enables control over the deployment of updates within organizations. You can also use Windows Store for Business to find, manage, and distribute Windows Store and LOB apps to Windows 10 devices.

To find further information about the changes to Windows 10 and how it can help you to achieve more, click here for the full article.

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